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Body Acupuncture

Acupuncture an ancient method of healing that uses individually packaged, sterilized, disposable needles. These extremely thin needles are positioned on specific points. Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe the human body has more than 2,000 acupuncture points connected by pathways or meridians. These pathways create an energy flow (Qi) through the body that is responsible for overall health. Disruption of the energy flow can cause disease. Applying acupuncture to certain points is thought to improve the flow of Qi, thereby improving health. Acupuncture Therapists often use other methods to complement needle treatment based on their assessment. These may include other modalities that are part of their skillset. Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective for a variety of conditions.


  1. Free – 30 minutes Acupuncture introducing
  2. $110 – Initial consultation, 75 minutes (assessment + acupuncture + second modality).
  3. $50 – 30 minutes follow-up visits (acupuncture)
  4. $75 – 45 minutes follow-up visits (acupuncture + second modality).
  5. $95 – 60 minutes follow-up visits (acupuncture + second modality).
  6. 20% off for those 60+ in age

Face Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture involves inserting needles into specific points on the face. The goal is to improve the skin’s appearance by
encouraging blood flow, collagen, and elastin, which can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness, fine lines, firms sagging skin,
improves skin tone and other signs of aging. Also increases circulation and keeps acne under control.


  1. $120 – 70 minutes of Acupuncture (Face Light Therapy and  High frequency are complimentary)
  2. $45 – 40 minutes of Facial (cleanse, mask, face massage, moisturizing) when booking with face acupuncture.

Auricular Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture is a targeted type of acupuncture that focuses on specific points on the external ear to promote healing and alleviate various health conditions. It is based on the concept that each ear part corresponds to a specific organ or body part. 

  1. Smoking and Substance Abuse
  2. Migraine Headaches and Acute Pain
  3. Insomnia
  4. Constipation
  5. Weight loss
  6. Relief of anxiety
  7. Reduced back pain
  8. Improvement in depression
  9. Relief of digestive issues


  1. $60 – 45  minutes ( 24k acupressure ear seeds complimentary).


Cupping is a treatment modality that has been known for thousands of years. It has proven itself in popular medicine for generations and has been tested for efficiency. Cupping involves glass/or silicon cups that are placed on the skin to create suction for healing, relaxing effect. It is one of the traditional treatment methods that do not involve medicinal substances but nevertheless serve as useful weapons in the fight against many diseases or complaints. Applied correctly, the method is harmless and does not cause any adverse side-effects. The results are often fast and impressive because the body reacts within hours to cupping at the proper location. The goal of cupping is to strengthen or activate the organism’s self-healing power, when these are not able to do so on their own. Cupping stimulates and supports the options that nature has the body with to resist disease.


  1. $45 – 30 minutes

Gua Sha

Gua sha is the method used to move stagnant blood and lymph from subcutaneous facia. It is a technique where a round smooth tool (like a small wooden spoon, buffalo horn, or a gemstone Gua sha tool) is repeatedly stroked over the area of the body which can raise tiny round red spots on your skin. These bumps are stagnant blood and the lymph brought up to the surface of the skin that allow to the body to metabolize and get rid of the cellular waste much more quickly to promote new fresh blood and production of the new cells in the treated area.


$40 – 30 minutes

Celluma Led Light Therapy

Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy delivered enhances cellular performance. LED light therapy is safe and versatile. It can be administered through light-emitting diode (LED) devices or cold lasers. LED light therapy finds applications across a wide range of medical fields, making it a promising option for various conditions. LED light therapy, also known as photobiostimulation, photobiomodulation, photomedicine, low-level light therapy (LLLT), red light therapy, or cold and soft LASER therapy, has a solid research foundation. Numerous peer-reviewed and published clinical research papers from esteemed institutions worldwide support it. These synonymous terms describe the safe and effective delivery of light energy to address various medical and cosmetic conditions. LED light therapy offers a convenient and comfortable treatment option. It is non-invasive, painless, and requires no recovery time, making it a hassle-free choice for all skin types.

We see a cascade of benefits such as:

  • Cell generation to replace old cells (mitosis)
  • Reduction and prevention of cell death (apoptosis)
  • Neurogenesis (new neurons)
  • Development of new capillaries (angiogenesis)
  • Increased blood flow
  • Enhanced Nitric Oxide production


$35 – 30 minutes

Red/Infrared Light Therapy

Stimulate the body’s collagen and elastin production to improve the skin’s appearance, repair damaged cells, and generate more energy for your cells. Also, Red light therapy is often used in conjunction with near-infrared light therapy, which uses different wavelengths of light that penetrate deeper into the body. Near-infrared light therapy has also been shown to improve muscle recovery and reduce pain and inflammation, making it an ideal treatment for athletes.


  1. $20 – 25 minutes whole body (when booked with acupuncture)
  2. $40 – 30 minutes whole body

Ionic Foot Bath

The operation of the ionic bath is quite simple. It boils down to supplementing the body with negative ions to feed free electrons to each of the billions of cells that require a regular supply of bioelectricity to live. This body ionization process restores the bioelectrical balance of the overall metabolism and optimizes osmotic exchanges between the external and internal fluids of the cells. This type of supplementation improves the permeability of cell membranes by stimulating their surface electrical potential. Thus, the metabolic activities of cells, organs, and all body systems are facilitated. This results in the beneficial clearing of fluids and profound stimulation of blood and lymphatic microcirculation, leading to better performance of the emunctories like the kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs. 

  • REPLENISHES body bioelectricity
  • RESTORES osmotic permeability
  • OPTIMIZES cellular functions
  • EASES fluid microcirculation
  • REBALANCES metabolic processes
  • REDUCES the effects of oxidative stress
  • HYDRATES the tissues
  • RESTORES vital energy flow
  • NOURISHES and SOOTHES the nervous system
  • SLOWS down premature cellular aging
  • BALANCES mood and state of mind
  • REGULARIZES the sleep/wake cycle


$45 – 30 minutes
$25 – 30 minutes (when booked with acupuncture)


 Lymphastim works on the pneumatic press therapy principle. Unique applicator sleeves or pants with multiple overlapping chambers provide a gentle massage, encouraging natural lymph circulation. Adequate compression of particular structures stimulates the lymphatic system to supply more oxygen and nutrients to the body, boosts microcirculation, and activates the lymphatic system to cleanse the body of toxins and metabolic waste products. This comprehensive approach effectively addresses limb edema, reduces cellulite, and provides numerous other bodily benefits. Following a 60-minute lymphatic drainage, your lymphatic system accelerates remarkably, increasing its speed by 100 times. 

Lymphatic drainage is a procedure recommended for everyone. It has several beneficial effects on the entire body.


  1. Cellulitis
  2. Detoxification
  3. Heavy leg syndrome
  4. Improvement in skin trophic
  5. Lipoedema
  6. Post liposuction care
  7. Regeneration
  8. Tenalgia
  9. Varicose veins prevention


  1. Acrocyanosis
  2. Algodistrophic syndrome
  3. Arthrosis
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  5. Diabetic angiopathy
  6. Gout
  7. Chronic oedema
  8. Obesity
  9. Posttraumatic care
  10. Raynaud’s Syndrome

The treatment procedure requires no recovery period. We recommend physical activity, a healthy diet, and high-water intake to maximize its effects.

Depending on the problem you want to address, we recommend a series of 6–10 treatment procedures, 2–3 times a week.  Monthly sessions suffice for active individuals to maintain a healthy lymphatic flow. For Those With a less clean diet, consider more frequent sessions to help detoxify the body. For post-surgery or Injury Recovery, Weekly sessions can be beneficial in reducing swelling and aiding recovery.

After lymphatic drainage, it’s essential to take certain precautions. Avoid taking hot baths or using saunas for the first 24 hours, as the heat can cause the blood vessels to dilate and impede the flow of lymph fluid. Also, refrain from massaging the treated areas, as this can disrupt the flow of lymph fluid and undo the benefits of the treatment.

Lymphatic drainage moves lymph from tissues to lymph nodes and eases tissue swelling.

Lymphatic drainage can Increase urination and bowel movements. After the treatment, the lymph waste needs to be removed from the body, which leads to increased urination and bowel movements, as these are the methods the body uses to eliminate lymph waste.

  • acute neuropathy and plexopathy;
  • acute pulmonary edema;
  • severe injury of soft tissues;
  • acute venous thrombosis;
  • diseases causing cardiovascular decompensation;
  • epilepsy;
  • German measles;
  • sub febrile states;
  • glaucoma;
  • hepatic and renal insufficiency;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diagnosed or suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT);
  • inflammation of lymph vessels;
  • processes obstructing the areas targeted by the manual lymphatic drainage;
  • osteosynthesis or joint replacement in the drainage area;
  • a pacemaker;
  • unclear pain in the abdominal


  1. $60 – 30 minutes lower body Lymphatic drainage 
  2. $95 – 45 minutes lower body Lymphatic drainage
  3. $115 – 60 minutes lower body Lymphatic drainage
  4. $45 – 30 minutes one arm Lymphatic drainage
  5. $70 – 45 minutes one arm Lymphatic drainage
  1. 6 sessions for 45 minutes of lower body treatment – $510 ($85 each)
  2. 10 sessions for 45 minutes of lower body treatment – $760 ($76 each)
  3. 6 sessions for 60 minutes of lower body treatment – $600 ($100 each)
  4. 10 sessions for 60 minutes of lower body treatment – $920 ($92 each)
  5. 6 sessions for 45 minutes of one arm treatment – $378 ($63 each)
  6. 10 sessions for 45 minutes of one arm treatment – $560 ($56 each)
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